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Promotions Keetro Classifieds Coupons

Post more free ads and receive free coupons to use for their promotion!

We want to help you reach your audience. Therefore, now for every extra free listing you post you will receive a free coupon to use only for Promote Options. It works like this:

     » Post 1 free ad  = no coupons
     » Post 2 free ads = receive $1 coupon
     » Post 3 free ads = receive $2 coupon
     » Post 4 free ads = receive $3 coupon
     » Post 5 free ads = receive $5 coupon

The value of the coupons is not cumulative, but instead they are received separately. For example, if you post 5 consecutive free ads, you will receive 4 coupons each with a different value ($1, $2, $3, and $5).

Please keep in mind that you have to request the creation of a coupon after you have posted the consecutive free ads. Simply Contact Us stating your username or email address you have used to post the ads and we will promptly create the coupons for your use. Consecutive ads have to be all active and different in order to receive coupons. Also, coupons can only be used once and if the total value of them is higher than your payment total, the difference will be lost (for example: if you use a $5 coupon for the Highlighted Option valued at $1, you will lose the $4 difference).

You can use these 30-day coupons to promote new ads or by editing the Promote Options for your existing ads. See how below.


Learn how to use coupons for your free ads on Keetro Classifieds


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