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Registered User


Advantages for Registered User:

Statistics – statistics for your listings and account

-          Listings: See your total number of listings, active, pending, expired, and unfinished listings

-          General: See the type of your account, number of total hits (clicks on your listings), last login, and the IP address used for your last login

-          Email Alerts: View the various email alerts you have set to receive for certain searches

-          Saved Searches: See the searches which you have saved

My Listings – view, edit, delete your Ads and options

-          Add box: Click to add a new listing

-          Delete box: Click to delete all the Ads you have selected by checking the box besides the #ID

-          Sort: Here you have the possibility of sorting your Ads that you want to see based on the type of listing (active, inactive, pending, featured, highlighted, expired, or all), type of sort (date, price, number of hits), and order (ascending or descending)

-          Ad Information: See a brief summary of your listings including title, category, Ad package, and price

-          Date: See the date when the Ad was posted and its expiry date

-          Hits: Shows the total number of views that your listing has

-          Type: Shows the listing’s type including active or inactive, pending, featured, highlighted, expired

-          Action: You can click on one of the icons to edit your Ad content or photos, its promotion options, delete it, and mark it as sold or rented

Account Info – see and change your account information

-          Username: This is the name others on Keetro will see when interacting with you and which you use to sign in, you cannot change your username after first creating your account

-          Email: Shows the email address you have registered your account with, and where all notifications are sent

-          Name, Address, Phone, Webpage: Enter your name, address, phone number, and webpage (Optional)

-          My Avatar: Choose a picture to relate to your account; it will appear as a top image for your listings’ page and comments

-          Password: Change your login password by entering the current one in the first box and the new password in the next box

Order History - shows the history of your orders

Messages – see messages received from other users

-          These appear when an user tries to contact you directly through the “Message to Poster” option on any listings you have posted

-          You have the option view the thread of any received messages, delete, reply or report any offensive or inadequate messages

Email alerts - list of all email alerts

-          These are notifications you have chosen to be sent to you through email whenever a listing fitting your criteria is posted

Saved Searches - list of your saved searches on the website

Communication - can post comments on listings and review ads and other users 

URL link - you can add a URL link for free to your account making it easier for people to find your website or any page you wish to show them; this appears in your user account details 


See how to register an account on Keetro here.



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