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Guest User


This type of user does not have an account made on the website, but can still post ads, without the benefits of being registered.


A guest user has to enter his/her email address every time they post anything and will receive a notification through email.


An ad posted in such a manner can be controlled through the link you will receive after approving the listing.


Advantages of being registered:

Statistics – statistics for your listings and account

Account Info – see and change your account information

Order History - shows the history of your orders

Messages – see messages received from other users

Email alerts - list of all email alerts

Saved Searches - list of your saved searches on the website

Communication - can post comments on listings and review ads and other users

URL link - you can add a URL link for free to your account

If you post your ad using the wrong plan or otherwise make a mistake, you would not have to start from the beginning.



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