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Free Ad

 Post a Free Ad in order to let people know what you want to buy, sell, or rent. It is easy to do, quick, and free!


What you get :

» 1000 words

» Available for 30 days

» Maximum of 10 pictures

» No charge!

» Free Renewal


The advantage of this type of post is the no cost aspect of it and its long amount of time it will be present on the Listings page. 


This will benefit you mostly if you are looking for the most basic option and if the subcategory you are posting in does not have a high volume of ads.


In the case it does have high volume, like Real Estate, Buy & Sell, or Cars & Vehicles, then we fear that your ad will significantly lose visibility amongst other ads.


In order to prevent this, you can choose to promote your ad by using all or any of the following options: Highlighted Ad, Top Ad, Urgent Ad, and Featured Ad.


Your ad will show on the search list like the following: 


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