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Top Ad

Step up from the basic ad for more features which are sure to significantly increase the chances of your ad being seen and getting the result that you want.


The Top Ad option makes your ad appear in front of all others, bumping it up to the top allowing it to have all the advantages of a freshly added ad including the likelihood of more visitors and replies.


What you get for your money:

- Better visibility

- Indefinite prominent position on the first pages of Listings

- Available for 15 days for only $2


How it works: When you pick this option your ad will show up in front of all the other ads which have been posted for free in the category. Because there are others in your category that may wish to promote their ads in the same way, the newest ones will always be first. Also, users have to keep in mind that this option is a SILVER (or Top) priority option and is preceded by the GOLD (or Urgent) option regardless of the time the ads are posted. 


Your ad will show on the search list:


Keetro Classifieds Top Ad Promote Option 


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