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Listing Details Banner Advertising


The Listing Details page is the page you see when you view and ad. Out of all the advertising spots, this one offers the least exposure while still being an effective advertising tool.


The available advertising spots on this page and their locations are as follows:

- Listing Details Left Side Banner - located between the Add to Compare button and the Location Map, dimensions: 468x60

- Listing Details Right Side Banner - located between the Details table and Back button, dimensions: 468x60


This is an efficient way to advertise anything for only $3 for 15 days.


You need only to provide us with a picture having the required dimensions and your url link at


You also need to complete the transaction through PayPal by clicking on the button below:



Your banner will appear alternatively with the other banners for that specific position. 


The following is an example of how the Listing Details Banners will appear on any given ad page - look for the red arrows:



Listing Details Advertising Banner

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