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 Listings Page Banner Advertising


The Listing Page is the Ad Search Page on, and it is viewed whenever a search is conducted.


The available advertising spots and their locations are as follows:

- Listing Left Side Up Banner - located between Ad Comparison and Listing Left Side Down Banner, dimensions: 160x600

- Listing Left Side Down Banner - located under Listing Left Side Up Banner, dimensions: 160x600

- Listing Center Banner - located after 10 listings on the Ad List, dimensions: 728x90


This is an efficient way to advertise anything for only $5 for 15 days per banner.


You need only to provide us with a picture having the required dimensions and your url link at


You also need to complete the transaction through PayPal by clicking on the button below:



Your banner will appear alternatively with the other banners for that specific position. 


The following is an example of how the Listings Page Banners will appear on the Listing Page - look for the red arrows:



Listings Page Advertising Banner

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