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General Page Banner Advertising


General page banners appear on most website pages of and have the most exposure.


The available advertising spots and their locations are as follows:

- Header Top Banner - located under the Main Navigation Bar and above the rest of the website, dimensions: 468x60

- Footer Banner - positioned above the Secondary Navigation Bar (Contact, Help, Terms & Conditions, etc.) dimensions: 728x90


This is an efficient way to advertise anything for only $10 or $20 for 15 days. Choose a longer period to receive a discount!


You need only to provide us with a picture with the required dimensions and your url link at through the Contact Form.


You also need to complete the transaction through PayPal by clicking on the corresponding button below:


Header Banner


Footer Banner

Select period
Select period




Your banner will appear alternatively with the other banners for that specific position. 


The following is an example of how the Footer Banner and the Header Banners will appear on the Home Page:


Header Banners

General Page Header Banner Advertising


Footer Banner

General Page Footer Banner Advertising


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