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The Dog Nanny's Canine Training Academy

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The Dog Nanny's Canine Training Academy
Yonge Street, Stroud (behind Stroud Veterinary Hospital)
Heated and Air Conditioned with Large Outdoor Grassed Area

Head Trainer/Owner- Marcia Murray-Stoof
Certified Professional Dog Training Instructor C.P.D.T. &
Certified Canine Behaviourist B.Sc.

A Professional Member of CAPPDT, PPG, ABC, CKC, TPOC.

Certified to Test for the CKC’s Canine Good Neighbour Certification
Director of Evaluators for Therapeutic Paws of Canada.
Mentor Trainer for Animal Behaviour College Inc.
Committee Member & Consultant for Innisfil Off Leash Dog Park

Marcia has over 25 years experience.

$135.00 For 6 Week Course
Proof of Vaccinations required to attend class Titers Accepted
Bordatella (Kennel Cough) recommended

Written Training Instructions provided via E-mail
Life Time Support for all Clients

E-mail for Class start dates or visit web site

Puppy - 10 weeks to 5 months
2nd set of Puppy Vaccinations Required for Puppies

Beginner - 6 months and up
Intermediate - 6 months and up
Advanced - 8 months plus
CD / CGC / CGN / Therapy Dog Prep Class
Rally-O Intro Class

In Your Own Home Training & Behaviour Sessions also available


Sample prior student comments:-
Julie C - I have always taken my dogs to Training classes, and I have never learnt so much as I did in Marcia's Classes, she certainly knows her stuff. I will recommend her to everyone.

Ashley & Shawn. - Very helpful, hands on, answered a lot of questions. Helped a lot with our crazy puppy.

Shaslo M.& Elanor M. - I learned how to train our dog properly. Excellent Trainer.

Santina C. - This is our first pet, so we learned a lot. We enjoyed the informative information and interaction with the puppies.

Brenda Mc D - "I have worked with Marcia in training three puppies over the past five years and am more than happy to recommend her as being "outstanding in her field". She is a professional expert, among the best. I would not hesitate to secure her services again in the future.
Thanks Marcia, you're fabulous.
Further independant refferals can be seen on - Barrie & Innisfil Sites
Endorsements From Other Professionals via Linked-In
"Marcia is a trainer with over 20 years experience and it shows, she takes into account the dog owner/dog team. Very personable she understands that every team is unique and does not use a cookie cutter approach when training a dog. She sees the world from the dog perspective and translates that into "human". I enjoy working with Marcia because she is straight forward, professional and very knowledgeable about dogs and people."
Service Category: Dog Trainer / Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once) / Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity / -Catherine Potin, Founder and Publisher, Happy Dog Connections

"I first met Marcia because I was looking for a Certified Canine Behaviorist to interview for a dog book I am writing. In her recent interview with me she displayed vast and comprehensive knowledge of the evolution of the dog, domesticated dog behavior, nutrition and training. She exemplifies a superior understanding of how dogs need to live and function in our society today, using the safest and most effective training methods. Marcia has also coached me with some great tips for by newly adopted 140 pound rescued Bullmastiff. All paws up for Marcia."
-Lynne McCarthy, ASID

"Marcia has in-depth knowledge of dogs and dog behaviour. She also has the people skills to work well with the people who bring their dogs to her. The result? Better dogs and happy clients."
Service Category: Animal Behaviour and Dog Training Service / Year first hired: 2005 / Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity / -Judith Dremin

Province: ONTARIO
City Area: Innisfil
Ad Type: Offered
Ad Option: Sell
Price: $135.00
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