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Terwillegar Town Dog Walker

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I'm a nineteen year old university student. I've handled a wide variety of animals and have done volunteer work for a local doggy daycare (simple things like feeding, bathing, nail trimming, etc). I currently attend u of a, majored in BSc of nursing. I have a driver's license for a legal reference, I also have an up to date criminal records check done (I'm clear), as well as my CPR and first aid certificate (HCL level).

Aside from all that, I really love dogs, big or small. It would be great if I could have one or two extra dogs on my walks, as I am starting to slip up on my daily walk routine (due to clinical work). However I own two little dogs of my own and would really like to get back into my usual pattern of walking them daily.

My walks usually consist of 1-1.5 hrs around the neighbourhood. I would like to walk around 6-8pm for mon & tues. I can do a little earlier from weds - fri, like 4-8pm. I would like 10 (or more) dollars per walk, but if its a daily sort of arrangement, I can work something out. I just really need some extra motivation to stay on my walking schedule, and having to take responsibility for your dog(s) will be a great way. Nothing's better than happy dogs and a student loan free student haha!

I am willing to take:

My dogs plus 1 Med - Lg sized dog


My dogs plus 2 small dogs

I've walked huskies before so I've got a good gripe but would prefer, for your dog's as well as my safety, limiting the amount of dogs per walk. Please reply back with some information regarding your desired time, your dog and his of her energy level as well as any sort of habits he or she may display during walks. Where you are located. And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask away.

Province: ALBERTA
City Area: Edmonton
Ad Type: Offered
Ad Option: Sell
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