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Shipping Container Investment with Pacific Tycoon

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Shipping Container Investments with Pacific Tycoon provides a guaranteed return on your investment of up to 12%. Pacific Tycoon Ltd leases containers owned by individuals and rents them to the shipping industry. When the container owner has purchased 1 or more containers, he/she enables Pacific Tycoon to rent them out to awaiting cargo transporters, providing him/her with a return from the net rental income.

The process is simple. Buy one or more containers either through your own sources, directly from the manufacturer, or from Pacific Tycoon. Starting from $3900 USD, your investment provides you with 1 or more containers that we lease out to thousands of awaiting international
businesses, enabling the transport of their goods across the world. Container transport facilitates around 90% of world trade, meaning the demand for further containers is acute and sustained. The rate of your return is dependent on the investment option you choose, there are 2 available to you:

Option 1: 12% Guaranteed Lease

We lease containers and rent them to the shipping Industry under long term contracts that provide a guaranteed income equal to 12% of the container purchase price. Due to the fact these contracts are longstanding and secured, we provide you with guaranteed security on your shipping container investment return.

Option 2: Maximised Rental Agreement

We rent the containers to cargo transporters in urgent need of them to honor their transportation contracts. Due to massive demand, restricted supply and the absolute necessity to deliver the cargos, these rental contracts produce much greater income. Under these contracts, the returns are not guaranteed yet have always delivered higher returns than the guaranteed lease.

Province: ONTARIO
City Area: Toronto
Ad Type: Offered
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