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Beautiful Cabin For Sale

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Vancouver Preppers

Strategic Location

If you are a prepper that lives and works in the Greater Vancouver Area. I have an awesome off the grid, under the radar safely positioned ocean front property. This gem is on a Fjord, with pristine calm waters and will not see any tidal wave action due to the labyrinth of waterways that will displace the rushing water long before it reaches this arm of the network. With an impenetrable natural resource mountain at your back and a clear view of the bay that allows you to see any incoming marine traffic at least 10 minutes before approaching. Nobody can sneak up on you from any direction. Predator animals included. This is stratefically as safe as it gets.

If you work most anywhere in the greater Vancouver area you can be on you work doorstep within 1 hour of departure time far less if your office is closer to North, East or Downtown Vancouver.

The precious beauty of this site doubles as an ideal summer vacation cabin, with all the bells and whistles for water sports, crabbing, prawning. Expansive decks to entertain friends and family while basking in the sun.

An ideal location for the one family prepper or a joint venture for a like a minded prepper group that must stay in the Vancouver area due to work or other related necessities. This is the perfect setting that gives it all.

There are a number of other gems this site offers that I will only reveal to those that qualify to purchase.

I have been a prepper for 20 years. I found this amazing hideaway when I lived and worked in Vancouver. I have since moved out of B.C. and have 2 other properties that I am now prepping in earnest. This one has to sell, as the travel time for me to get back and forth to care-take it is far too great.

Here is another bonus to make this deal pop. Property assessment last year for these two lots was over $600,000.00. I had the lots rolled into one assessment, for this year. All you need is one composting toilet; yes that is it to recoup the over 600,000.00 property value, but why do that when you only have to pay taxes on 2/3rds of that now. So yes as a strategic investment, you can sell one of the lots to another prepper and instantly make $150,000.

Pinch yourself, this is real and is easily verified through land assessments.

If you are a serious prepper and have to stay in the Vancouver area, this is the location that you will always be able to get to and from, even if roadways or bridges are damaged.

Tidal, wind, solar and water-generated electricity are all harvestable energy on this site.

The land tax is NEWLY valued at close to 400,000.00. I am willing to let this prime real-estate go to a fellow prepper for 460,000.00. Incredible mad max commuter boat with great engine included.

Category:Vacation Property
City Area: North Vancouver
Ad Type: Offered
Ad Option: Sell
Price: $460,000.00
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