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Research shows that having a strong sense of neighbourhood community can increase well-being. Yet, many of us are isolated from our neighbours. This website exists to bring back the community spirit our grandparents and their grandparents had. A time where neighbours knew and helped each other out. It’s time to end this social isolation we find ourselves in and improve our well-being. What better way to start strengthening community ties than by creating a place where neighbours come together?

Your Building – Your Community

Neighbourhood communities should not be limited to suburban towns. In the city, we think that each neighbourhood and building should be its own community with neighbours selling to or helping each other in need, organizing events, sharing information, or just getting to know each other. A place where neighbours can feel at home surrounded by friends. The current layout is that of a classified website. Everyone posts things or skills they can spare to share with their community or list ideas for activities and events. Buying & selling are also available.

Start something great

This project is just getting started with only a few communities currently online, but more will be created with time. We encourage those that don’t see their online community to request its creation. Simply send us a message with your address and we will do the rest. We take into consideration all submissions and you’ll be the first to know when your community is up and running.

More Coming Soon

Don’t see your community? That’s okay, we are just getting started and need your help. Show your interest in starting a community in your neighbourhood or building by submitting it with the button below. We’ll create it for you faster than you can say “Hey, neighbour!”.

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